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What are the classifications of ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment


1. According to the purpose, ultrasonic cleaning machines are divided into industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines, commercial ultrasonic cleaning machines, laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machines, household ultrasonic cleaning machines, etc.
2. According to capacity, ultrasonic cleaning machines are divided into: large ultrasonic cleaning machines, medium ultrasonic cleaning machines, and small ultrasonic cleaning machines. The capacity ranges from 4 milliliters to several hundred liters.
3. According to power, ultrasonic cleaning machines are divided into high-power ultrasonic cleaning machines, low-power ultrasonic cleaning machines, and unheated ultrasonic cleaning machines. Among them, the heating power of ultrasonic cleaning machines with electric heating ranges from tens of watts to thousands of watts.

Product features

Integrated design of stainless steel
The inner groove is formed by high-quality stainless steel stamping
The outer groove is made of high-quality stainless steel
Proportional coordination, elegant appearance, and simple operation

According to frequency, it can be divided into low frequency, several tens of Khz, medium frequency: several hundred K, high frequency, and a few MHz. According to power, it can be divided into low power, high power, and function. According to function, it can be divided into clear jewelry, glasses, and industrial equipment. According to structure, it can be divided into those with cleaning slots, and those with cleaning rods.

technical parameter

Ultrasonic frequency: 40Hz (frequency adjustable)
Ultrasonic power: 500W (adjustable power)
Timing: 0-199 minutes (adjustable time)
Heating power: 500W (with temperature control function)
Product size: Customizable according to customer needs
Power supply voltage: AC220V± 10% 50Hz± 5%
Applicable ambient temperature: 5 ℃~35 ℃
Applicable environmental humidity: ≤ 85%





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