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Market effects of three slot medical ultrasonic cleaning machines


The medical CNC series ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts an LED human-machine interaction interface, digital display, friendly and clear, intuitive and convenient, and can achieve functions such as timing and ultrasonic power adjustment. This machine has stable and reliable performance, and is deeply loved by a large number of users.
Mainly suitable for radioactive, polluting, large-scale, and high cleanliness immersion cleaning and disinfection of hospital surgical knives, forceps, hemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, injection needles, various sizes of syringes, test tubes, glass sheets, dressing bowls, various plates, drums, pressure gauges, etc. It is an essential equipment for hospital operating rooms, supply rooms, and disinfection centers.
As an emerging cleaning process, ultrasonic cleaning has obvious advantages in both cost and cleaning effect. However, a single cleaning function can no longer meet the needs of hospitals. Therefore, small single slot medical ultrasonic cleaning machines will gradually be phased out, while multi slot, fully automatic medical ultrasonic cleaning machines will become the mainstream in the market. Many hospitals have adopted medical ultrasonic cleaning machines as a new type of disinfection and cleaning equipment.
The advantage of Shanghai Bilang Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is that using medical ultrasonic cleaning machines can not only replace manual hand washing, but also meet the requirements that manual hand washing cannot meet. Even steam cleaning and high-pressure water jet cannot meet the requirements of some instruments with uneven surfaces, small blind holes (such as needle tips), and high cleanliness requirements. The cavitation effect of ultrasound also promotes the chemical reaction, and accelerates the dissolution of the facial mask on the device surface, so that the cleaning effect is more thorough.
Traditional manual cleaning requires soaking the recycled equipment in multiple enzymes, manually brushing, rinsing, or using a brush machine to clean some bottles, which can be said to be time-consuming and labor-intensive, and human factors cannot guarantee the quality of equipment cleaning. When using a medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, soak the cleaning equipment in multi enzyme cleaning solution and directly put it into the cleaning tank. Add the cleaning agent in proportion, set the temperature and timing, and the cleaning work can start automatically.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a pollution-free equipment, and the entire process is a pure physical cleaning process, which is safe and reliable, does not produce electromagnetic waves and radiation, and is harmless to the human body. Moreover, the cleaning solution directly cleans, disinfects, and sterilizes medical machinery without the need for manual contact with the cleaning solution, eliminating secondary pollution. Medical staff can also be effectively isolated from bacteria and viruses to protect their safety and health.




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