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Apple consumes 25% of global sapphire production


Although this year's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are not equipped with sapphire screens, Apple has already consumed a quarter of the world's sapphire supply. According to foreign media reports, currently only the iPhone back camera and TouchID fingerprint scanning module on Apple products use sapphire material. However, due to the huge sales of the iPhone product line, 25% of the global sapphire production is used on Apple, and these supply quantities have not yet met Apple's requirements.

When it comes to sapphire, we will think of GTAdvanced, which is still in litigation with Apple. This sapphire supplier signed a cooperation agreement with Apple in November 2013, but the cooperation between the two companies officially failed within a year, and GTAdvanced applied for bankruptcy protection as a result. According to Apple's description in court, GT was unable to produce sapphire products that meet Apple's requirements, which is also the main reason they abandoned cooperation with it.

Considering that there will be two versions of the Apple Watch that will be launched next year using sapphire screens, many people are interested in which manufacturer Apple will choose to supply sapphire. On the other hand, although this year's iPhone 6/6Plus did not feature a sapphire screen, Apple still submitted a patent application to implement this technology on future iPhones.




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