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The application principle of ultrasonic equipment in surface treatment


During the electroplating process, high requirements are placed on the surface cleanliness of the workpiece. Oil stains, debris, and impurities can lead to uneven coating, peeling, and mottling. Therefore, how to remove the dirt and impurities on the surface of the workpiece has become a crucial step in the electroplating process.

Ultrasonic equipment cleaning is mainly suitable for

Removal of oil stains, grease, and debris during the production and processing of precision metal parts such as electroplated parts, vacuum plated decorative parts, locks, motor parts, bearings, die-casting parts, stamped parts, watch cases and straps, glasses frames, stainless steel tableware, compressors, clock components, precision textile equipment, precision molds, gears, crankshafts, valves, radiators, etc


Pre plating cleaning (pre-treatment) and post plating cleaning (post-treatment).

Pre processing

Electroplating pre-treatment cleaning includes the cleaning of wax and grease after polishing various hardware parts, as well as the removal of oil stains and debris during the processing of parts.

1. Cleaning of polishing paste on the surface of polished parts.

In general, polishing paste is often mixed with paraffin, which has a large molecular weight, a high melting point, and is a solid substance at room temperature, making it difficult to clean. The traditional method of cleaning with organic solvents or boiling with high-temperature alkaline water has many drawbacks. If ultrasonic cleaning is used, a water-based cleaning agent can be used to thoroughly clean the surface of the workpiece within a few minutes under medium temperature conditions.

2. Cold rolled steel plates with oil and a small amount of rust on the surface.

The surface of cold-rolled steel plates generally has oil, dirt, or a small amount of rust, which is relatively easy to clean. However, after general cleaning methods, a very thin layer of floating ash still remains on the surface of the workpiece, affecting the quality of subsequent processing. Sometimes, it is necessary to use strong acid immersion to remove this layer of floating ash. By using Rex ultrasonic cleaning and appropriate cleaning solution, the surface of the workpiece can be thoroughly cleaned conveniently and quickly, and the surface of the workpiece can have high activity, sometimes even eliminating the acid immersion process before electroplating.

3. Workpieces with oxide skin and yellow rust on the surface.

The traditional method is to soak and clean with hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. If ultrasonic comprehensive treatment technology is adopted, the oil and rust on the surface of the workpiece can be quickly removed within a few minutes, and the hydrogen embrittlement problem caused by strong acid cleaning can be avoided.

Post processing

Electroplating post-treatment cleaning includes cleaning the residual plating solution and various residues during the electroplating process. Parts with a large amount of dirt usually need to be pre cleaned using methods such as immersion and spraying. After removing most of the dirt, using ultrasound to clean the remaining dirt has a good effect. If cleaning small items and complex shaped items (parts), using a cleaning net or rotating the cleaning material while vibrating and using ultrasonic radiation can achieve uniform cleaning.

Performance characteristics

1. It can quickly and thoroughly remove various dirt on the surface of the workpiece;

2. Able to clean precision parts with complex shapes such as cavities and grooves;

3. Non destructive to the surface of the workpiece;

4. Various cleaning agents can be used;

5. Cleaning can be carried out at room temperature or at an appropriate temperature of 60 ℃;

6. The integrated structure of the entire machine is easy to move;

7. Save solvents, cleaning paper, energy, workspace, and labor, etc;

8. No need for manual contact with cleaning solution, safe and reliable.

Effect testing

Roughly divided into two types: physical testing and chemical testing


Xinwandesheng ultrasonic cleaning technology is an ideal solution to meet this requirement. Leishi ultrasonic cleaning mainly uses the shock wave and micro jet generated by ultrasonic cavitation effect to impact the surface, forming a shear effect to remove the dirt attached to the surface of the part layer by layer. The high-speed micro jet generated by ultrasonic cavitation at the solid liquid interface can enhance the stirring effect and accelerate the dissolution of soluble dirt, Until the substrate is completely cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaning of the substrate before electroplating can remove oxides and oil films that affect electroplating, improve the bonding between the substrate and the coating, and improve the quality of the plated parts.





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