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Apple promises to re plan its sapphire factory to ensure that workers do not lose their jobs


Bloomberg reported that although Apple has broken up with its former Sapphire partner GT Advanced, Apple has not planned to give up the factory it funded to build in Mesa, Arizona. City officials told Bloomberg reporters that Apple has promised to continue bringing manufacturing employment opportunities in Mesa And this official will also visit Apple's Cupertino headquarters in California to show the city government's support for Apple

Apple promises to re plan its sapphire factory to ensure that workers do not lose their jobs

Previously, Mesa City not only accelerated the approval process to attract Apple's investment in building factories, but also expanded its power infrastructure and reduced property taxes Because Apple requires 100% green energy, Mesa has also built a new substation Mesa City plans to leverage Apple's influence to build a new technology park in the region Some companies have expressed their intention to settle near Apple

The Mesa City factory is still operated by GT Advanced According to the plan, it will be completely closed in December At present, most of the workers in the factory have been laid off, leaving only a few to clean and dismantle the sapphire furnace for GT Advanced to sell and repay debts The industry expects that Apple will re plan its Mesa City factory, possibly by converting it into a 2013 version of the Mac Pro "Made in the United States" assembly line




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