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Application and price of multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine



Preface: Multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, what cleaning agent is mainly used? I want to ask how these are handled. Our factory mainly processes some mechanical molds, and the mold parts are often oily. Some friends say that using ultrasonic is enough, but I don't know the cleaning effect of this thing. It seems that he is talking about hydrolysis method or something


If it's a mold, use an electrolytic ultrasonic cleaning machine,
Plastic residues, high-temperature sulfides, gas, and other substances adhering to the surface of the mold can be completely removed. The cleaning time is fast and can be completed in ten minutes, causing no damage to the mold and saving time,

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Cleaning principle:

1. The electrolytic cleaning system emits gas to the metal surface, using the effect of a sauna to remove dirt and impurities from the metal surface, and can also completely remove resin components and moisture; Through the vibration of ultrasonic waves, dirt is peeled off and floating, and metal adheres to the cathode. Even dirt in relatively small corners can be completely removed
2. Restore the metal to its original copper green color and restore its original beauty
3. Even complex shapes can remove dirt. Cleaning machine
4. The mold can be completely and truly clean and stain free
5. It has good rust removal and rust prevention effects
6. It saves one hour more time than manual cleaning to clean the machine
7. It is more environmentally friendly and safe than using organic solvents, greatly reducing the defect rate after cleaning
Price: Generally around 100000 yuan, but the price for Japanese products will be around 200000 yuan




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