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Efficient and energy-saving ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment


Although ultrasonic cleaning machines are widely used, they cannot do without the auxiliary effect of cleaning agents. So, which types of cleaning agents are commonly used when using ultrasonic cleaning machines? Now let's introduce this aspect.
Generally speaking, the cleaning agents commonly used in ultrasonic cleaning machines include two types: chemical cleaning agents and water-based cleaning agents. Generally speaking, the cleaning medium belongs to chemical action, while the ultrasonic cleaning machine is a physical action, which combines and works together to fully and thoroughly clean the cleaning object. Ultrasound propagates in the cleaning medium, causing the cleaning liquid and cleaning tank to vibrate simultaneously under the action of ultrasonic frequency. The vibration of the liquid and cleaning tank has its own natural frequency, which is the frequency of sound waves. Therefore, when ultrasonic cleaning is carried out, we can often hear buzzing sounds. Ultrasonic machines are advanced cleaning equipment, and as long as we make reasonable and scientific use of them, we can bring a lot of convenience to our cleaning work.




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