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XWDS-35833CV Three station hydrocarbon vacuum ultrasonic cleaning machine

Cleaning process (standard)

Ultrasonic cleaning - Vacuum ultrasonic cleaning ->Steam bath cleaning - Caution air drying

Applicable cleaning objects

1. Precision metal processing products (stamping oil, cutting oil, stretching oil, etc.)

2 Precision optical components (high viscosity substances, etc.)

3. Electronic components (flux, etc.)

4 Precision bearings and accessories (machining pollutants)

5. Micro motor components (forming/processing pollutants)

Product features

◆ Suitable for high standard cleaning operations of industrial components;

◆ Using environmentally friendly hydrocarbon solvents, it has a good cleaning effect on oil pollutants;

The vacuum cleaning process ensures that the air in the deep holes and narrow gaps of the components can be sucked out, and the solvent can easily enter, greatly improving the cleaning ability;

◆ Optional vacuum degassing device to improve cleaning efficiency;

Steam generators operate synchronously or independently to ensure solvent recovery efficiency;

◆ Adopting explosion-proof vacuum pumps and high-temperature oil pumps to ensure safety;

All automatic control valves are pneumatic driven to ensure safety;

Intelligent human-machine interface operation, flexible adjustment of cleaning process parameters;

◆ Optional fixture rotating mechanism to match different types of workpiece cleaning;

The design work pace is 5-8 minutes;

Product Description