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Here is a detailed introduction: Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a physical enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and service of electroplating equipment and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. We provide professional products for selecting ultrasonic cleaning methods. We hope that our professional selection of ultrasonic cleaning methods can help your enterprise solve production problems!
When selecting a cleaning method for workpieces using ultrasound, factors to consider include the characteristics of dirt, the cleaned parts being processed, and the required cleanliness When choosing a certain cleaning method, people must consider the size, shape, and surface condition of the cleaning parts, the amount of dirt to be cleaned, and the required productivity to ensure that the desired final result can be achieved The general rule is: concentration x temperature x time x mechanical power=cleaning. The types of cleaning methods include: manual (hand wiping, brushing, and scrubbing, etc.), immersion (soaking, stirring, electrolysis, ultrasound), vibration/drum cleaning, spray washing, and steam degreasing Cleaning liquids are generally divided into three categories: organic solvents, emulsion cleaning liquids, or water-based alkaline cleaning liquids Organic solvents can be used in manual, immersion, spray, or vapor cleaning to remove oil stains. Organic solvents include aliphatic naphtha, Stoddard solvent, kerosene, gasoline, aromatic solvents toluene, xylene, and high flash evaporation naphtha Chlorinated solvents include tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene, 1.1.1 trichloroethylene, fluorochlorane, and methylene chloride Ether glycol solvent butyl fiber solubilizer, butyl carbitol, acetate fiber solubilizer, hexene glycol Oxidizing solvents such as methanol, ethanol, and isopropanol all have high volatile organic compound (VOC) content during cleaning The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the amount of VOC released into the air by LeEco In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the United States also sets limits on the impact of all solvents on operators
In addition, the US EPA stipulates that solvent based cleaning liquids are actually hazardous waste Although solvents can be recycled, they are expensive and used solvents still need to be treated as hazardous waste Emulsion cleaning solution Some water-based cleaning solutions use non chlorides as part of their complete cleaning solution The typical composition is organic solvents, soap containing metals or amino groups, and surfactants By emulsifying dirt and keeping it in a dispersed state, these emulsion cleaning solutions are endowed with cleaning functions Due to the use of emulsion cleaning solution, the entire cleaning tank will be contaminated Then it is necessary to dispose of the used cleaning tank, including water, as hydrocarbon waste Alkaline cleaning solutions are generally composed of water, alkali, multivalent chelating agents, surface activators, and corrosion inhibitors Daracalean cleaning solution is designed to automatically clean Because for cleaning the surface of the parts, this cleaning solution has a stronger affinity than dirt It can wash dirt in the liquid and bounce it out of the surface of the cleaning part Heavy dirt sinks into the bottom of the tank, where it is filtered or centrally cleaned out as sludge Dirt is cleaned out as waste The cleaning solution can be infinitely recycled The solvent is replenished in a timely manner to maintain an appropriate concentration The dirt that can be easily removed by using alkaline cleaning solution includes: dust in the machining oil workshop, low melting point wax, rust inhibitor, fingerprint marks, oil grinding marks, carbon road dust, coolant, and some water-based coatings. Alkaline cleaning solution can be successfully used for cleaning the cleaning tank before painting, electroplating, anodizing, and processing. As a post-treatment before packaging, unlike solvent cleaning, emulsified and alkaline cleaning solutions may require rinsing Although rinsing and drying may not be necessary at times, rinsing is an important process in aqueous cleaning treatment Here are some common knowledge related to rinsing: Keep rinsing water clean! The salt in hard water will form spots, chlorinated water will accelerate rusting, and dirty water will re contaminate the cleaned parts The rinsing tank should be thoroughly cleaned regularly The groove should be made of 304 or 316 stainless steel. If a low-carbon steel groove is used, it should be coated with two layers of epoxy paint or a corrosive agent should be added to the rinsing water to delay the corrosion of the groove Rinse soap or silicate immediately Rinse with warm water overflow for soap Apply sufficient rinsing to silicates. Rinse cold rinse Not all alkaline rinses are the same Compared to other silicates, phosphates, or sodium hydroxide, soda powder and liquid silicates are generally easier to rinse Parts cleaned with water solution are wet, unlike parts cleaned with steam to remove oil stains There are a series of methods that can make drying easy and feasible, and the specific selection depends on the shape, size, and required drying speed of the visible cleaning parts These drying methods include: air evaporation, compressed air blowing, hot air circulation, electric fan drying, oven, infrared light, solvent removal, wood chip dehydration, drum cleaning with a cloth, and centrifugal cleaning solution. The chemical composition of the cleaning solution can also affect the drying characteristics Low surface tension cleaning solutions often dry faster The cleanliness test must ask a question: "Is it cleaned thoroughly?" The level of cleanliness is related to the subsequent processing It is reasonable to demand that printed circuit boards must be cleaner than vaporizers Cleanliness can be measured through the following different methods: does the cleaned item appear clean visually? Is water in a detached state expanding on the surface of the cleaning part or dripping into droplets? Can a white cloth keep the dry surface clean by wiping it with a white cloth? Can transparent tape pick up dirt from the surface of the cleaning part? Can you see the coloring sticking to dirt with black light? Solvent extraction is mainly used for cleaning parts contaminated with organic matter that require ultrasonic cleaning The electron scanning microscope magnifies the surface cleanliness through visual inspection Electronic spectroscopy confirmation and quantitative analysis of surface contamination Shenzhen Fostai Electroplating Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional entity engaged in the research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and service of electroplating equipment and ultrasonic cleaning equipment for residual conductive parts in conductivity measurement. 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