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XWDS-2018TMS brush plate machine

Applicable scope

Mainly used for brushing with optical glass tools, brushing before glass cleaning

Product features

◆ Adopting Taiwan imported screw slow pulling system device, moving up and down for brushing, equipped with frequency converter control;

The inner cavity is equipped with a rotating brush on both sides for uniform and efficient brushing.

The inner groove is equipped with automatic sprinkler systems on both sides, making the brushing effect more efficient.

The spray system is equipped with filters to purify the chamber and ensure product cleanliness;

◆ Brushing tank size: 450 * 400 * 250 (L * W * H) mm

◆ Controlled by PLC and touch screen, equipped with protection functions such as time timing, alarm, and safety light curtain:

◆ Equipped with an independent electrical box, the strong and weak currents are divided into sections for easy maintenance and warranty;

The whole machine is made of all stainless steel, which is beautiful and elegant;

Can be customized according to customer needs.

Product Description