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Wenzhou Electroplating Base Chengli Industry Committee Water and Wastewater Discharge


Grassroots Action for Rectification and Improvement of Heavy Pollution and High Energy Consumption Industries in Zhejiang Province (Part Four)
Wenzhou Electroplating Base Chengli Industry Committee Autonomously Votes to Manage Water and Wastewater Discharge in Residential Parks
October 31, 2013 21:55:13
Zhejiang Online Wenzhou, October 31st (Reporter Pan Jie) On June 21st this year, more than 130 members of the Electroplating Industry Association in Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, unanimously approved a decision to limit the use of tap water according to each company's production capacity.

You should know that this is an industry independent behavior under non policy external forces.

Dong Huaigu, Executive Vice President of the Electroplating Industry Association in Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, told Zhejiang Online reporters that the electroplating industry has very little water loss in the actual production process, and about 97% of the raw material tap water will become sewage. This decision not only saves resource consumption for electroplating enterprises, but also reduces the total amount of wastewater discharge in the entire industry.

The Houjing Electroplating Base is a large electroplating industry park in Lucheng District and even Wenzhou City. Through measures such as integration, merger, and closure, 92 enterprises continued to produce, changing the previous "low scattered" phenomenon and correspondingly reducing production capacity.

In order to better manage the park, the enterprise elected a 10 person homeowners committee, and Dong Huaigu was one of the members. He introduced that restricting the use of tap water is to ensure the normal operation of the park's sewage treatment plant.

"Our sewage treatment plant has a daily processing capacity of 12000 tons, and we have found that the total amount of wastewater discharged by the enterprise is already very close to this number in our daily operations."

Based on this, the owner's committee has coordinated with the enterprise multiple times and finally reached a consensus. According to the negotiation result, 35 tons of water can be used for every 10000 liters of plating tank. After adjustment, the amount of water entering the sewage treatment plant is slightly higher than 10000 tons.

Wenzhou Kaiting Electroplating Co., Ltd. has a plating tank of 20000 liters, originally using an average of 70-75 tons of tap water per day. After the decision is made, the limit will be 60 tons, and the valves from the base to the factory area will be closed when the limit is reached.

Lin Guangdi, the person in charge, introduced that after the limited use of water, the cost of the enterprise has significantly decreased and the efficiency has been improved.

Wang Jinguang, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Wenzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, told Zhejiang Online reporters that all 12 electroplating industry parks in Wenzhou have owner committees, which have effectively improved the progress of transformation and upgrading through autonomy.

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Source: Zhejiang Online Author: Pan Jie Editor: Wu Yingqiu




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