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Optoelectronic Exhibition Xinwandesheng has won the favor of a large number of business owners




Xinwandesheng Ultrasonic Equipment will be showcased in Hall 7E08 at the Light Expo. Xinwandesheng has been able to compete on the same stage with numerous top domestic and foreign enterprises for eight consecutive years. This has very high requirements for the technology, corporate image, and comprehensive strength of Xinwandesheng's products






For the companies participating in this exhibition, Xinwandesheng Ultrasonic Equipment can be said to be a dark horse. Before the exhibition, they worked hard and strived to achieve good results, bringing multi slot cleaning machines, pure water treatment equipment, especially the self-developed centrifugal drying machine. Moreover, according to the expectations of the companies and customers, what the customers knew was beyond their imagination. During this period, Xinwandesheng's new centrifugal drying machine received a large number of customers participating in the exhibition, The on-site display and operation for the customer surprised them greatly






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