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Xinwandesheng expresses gratitude to the vast number of enterprises and southern cities for their kindness



As an established enterprise invited to participate in the China International Optoelectronics Exhibition for eight consecutive years, Xinwandesheng has made a stunning debut this year with its company's focus on new development products. In less than forty minutes of opening, it has attracted waves of inquiries from some business owners in the optoelectronics, hardware, and precision electronics industries. Currently, Xinwandesheng's main products include ultrasonic cleaning equipment, non-standard automation equipment, automatic core adjustment centrifugal drying machines The product research of Xinwandesheng's new research is a topic of interest for visitors, and there are more or less business owners heading straight to Xinwandesheng Exhibition Hall 7. The company's head, Mr. Tao, explains the principles of ultrasonic equipment and centrifugal drying machines to the enterprise one by one, and compares their advantages and disadvantages with other peers, which can bring higher efficiency and technological innovation to the enterprise.






At the same time, Xinwandesheng continuously introduces foreign technology, conducts independent research and development, and strives to build a domestic independent brand as a dark horse. Although it is a long and arduous task, from the affirmation of our after-sales feedback from new and old customers, Xinwandesheng's ultrasonic equipment is like walking on thin ice, with a solid foundation waiting to be developed. Customers believe that Xinwandesheng can go better, and we also have the belief that we can go on better




During the first hour of its opening, due to the fact that Xinwandesheng ultrasonic cleaning equipment is fundamentally based on technology and the brand is already outside, there were intermittent interviews with the head of our engineering department through relevant media. When interviewing the head of our engineering department in Southern Metropolis, they explained the company's development process and some confusing aspects of the industry, which led to many business owners spending a lot of money to buy some machinery and equipment, Instead of being idle there, and with Xinwandesheng's integrity forging quality and innovation changing the future concept, we are sure to achieve good results at this international exhibition. Let's wait and see for the remaining two days.






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